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Exposition Université de Louisiane

Hays Town BuildingVoici l’édifice où j’ai exposé ma collection L’Esprit de Grand-Pré à l’Université de Louisiane.

Voyage en Louisiane

Georgette est l’artiste invité pour l’événement Grand Réveil Acadien 2011 en Louisiane du 7 au 16 octobre, 2011. Elle va avoir en exposition les oeuvres de la série L’Esprit de Grand-Pré à l’Université de la Louisiane à LaFayette de la fin septembre à la fin octobre 2011.

Georgette is the invited artist for Grand Réveil Acadien 2011 in Louisiane from the 7th to the 16th of October . She will exhibit her series L’Esprit de Grand-Pré at the University of Louisiana in LaFayette. The show will be from the end of September to the end of October 2011.

Évangeline Art Center!

Évangeline Art Center, 101 Évangeline St., Bouctouche, presents two bodies of work from Georgette Bourgeois. Until Dec. 31

Galerie Assumption Gallery

“Launch of exhibit by artist Georgette Bourgeois at Assumption Gallery”

The launch of an exhibit of the latest works by artist Georgette Bourgeois will be held Thursday, May 6, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Assumption Gallery at 770 Main Street. Titled “Memories of the Petitcodiac and Moncton”, this first-time exhibit runs from May 4 through June 28.
With this exhibit, the Assumption Gallery provides visitors the opportunity to explore the unique world of this talented Acadian artist, whose numerous works have been displayed in France, Africa and the United States as well as throughout Acadia and the rest of Canada.
Exploring the multiple facets of Acadia through her art, Ms. Bourgeois used her childhood memories to inspire her latest series of works. “As a child, I lived in Moncton and played on the banks of the Petitcodiac,” she explains. “My childhood memories came rushing back with every stroke of my brush.”

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Grand-Pré National Historical

Former Salon cover subject and Acadian artist Georgette Bourgeois is in St. Martinville, Louisiana this weekend giving a conference on her series that she made for the Grand-Pré National Historical site in 2006-07, L’Esprit de Grand-Pré. You can find out more about the series from a new documentary, directed by Bourgeois’ son Christopher Harrigan, available on YouTube

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